Uncertainty and Fear.

I lost my keys and I have been locked out(it has happened more than once), so I am sitting in the so called ‘old town coffee house’ sipping chocolate and doing what I love to do. Life has never been this good. Really!

I take breaks from my intense product development to do some other stuff, which is not so important as products but still holds a lot of significance for the company. One of the things is to pen down my thoughts(As I mentioned before, the reason I take action is primarily to aid my thinking, so it is only natural that I should pen down my thoughts as I am in action).

Today I will dwell on one deficiency of human psyche,so pay close attention. Have you noticed the increased security hullabaloo after 9/11? What have people learned from 9/11? To increase more and more security in airports, coasts, air, water, land, your home,your bedroom…your mind? Human beings have a deficiency of drawing narrow principles from particular events. Hardly anyone got the lesson from 9/11 that the future is highly unpredictable. It sounds like a cliché but even the humblest of us have greater confidence in our ability to predict future than it should be. We have an intense dislike for the abstract, We love details and particulars. So, we fail to draw abtsract, but more imporant lessons from events: in this case our inability to predict future, especially those that matter.

The truth is that , in general, security is a big illusion. Are you afraid to start a startup? Are you afraid to live your dream? Are you afraid to learn day trading that you have been dreaming of doing? Are you afraid…..? You are already sitting on a time-bomb, so you might as well live it according to your own terms. It is better to take calcuated risks with a chance to live life fully than to be in an illusion of security and not knowing what to do when the time-bomb finally explodes.

According to many studies it has been shown that most of the bravado is done mostly because the doer did not anticipate the risks involved. Which is good if you are an entrepreneur—you are using your ignorance to your advantage. We are sorely deficient in forecasting risks. And the real problem is that we forecast all the wrong risks, which do not even exist. So, all the dangers you are foreseeing when you want to live the life you want, they just don’t exist. And the dangers that do exist, you don’t know them. And your optimal strategy is to take life in your hands and do what you truly desire instead of sitting on a time-bomb and living under a false security of its muted ticking.


PS: I will follow the advise of the famous mathematician Henri Poincare and won’t bother to correct my spelling mistakes.

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