Time To Walk The Talk!!

I have been giving talks here and there, in public, in private and sometimes talking to myself on the unrealized power of mathematics and the impact it can have on the WWW. Now is the time to walk the talk.

For that purpose I have started my own enterprise– EvolviMatix[1]. I will come to the ultra-geeky name in a short while.So, first things first. Usually some practical thinkers take action to test their theory, to validate it. And that is what most people think I am doing(including my wife before I explained to her). Actually it is the converse. I am basically a philosopher(the greatest thing is that I do not need a degree to be so), and my action is solely for the purpose of thinking, to have more clarity about the state of affairs in my mind.Actions are for the sake of achieving clarity in thinking and not vice-versa (atleast for me).

My hypothesis is that the smartest strategy you can have is to maximize your odds of getting lucky, the rest are mere details[2]. And I have explicitly stated that in my company’s official strategy(company strategy). My strategy is to get lucky– that’s it.However, it would require a lot of thinking to increase my odds of getting lucky, and that is where my experience with mathematics will come into play. Please understand that it has nothing to do with numbers. As I have said elsewhere that mathematics(and also numbers) is primarily a tool for meditation, that it has other benefits is just a side effect.

If you look at the short history of internet superstars, that is how it happened. Say Google, it didn’t happen that one fine day the founders dreamed up the strategy how to rule the internet and be the poster boys of web2.0. They were just solving an interesting problem while doing their PhD. And it so happened that they soon realized the impact of what they were creating.

Caterina and Stewart had created a game company and were working on that, when they stumbled upon this goldmine of tagged photo-sharing(which was actually a small part of the game they were building).And that is how Flickr came into the scene.

Even Microsoft had an evolutionary approach to strategy when they wanted to put a PC in every home. They were tinkering with various operating systems which also included an OS they were building with IBM. It was just that Bill Gates saw a greater velocity in the Windows market and went for it.And nobody thought that computers will have so varied uses and applications so as to reshape our social and business life.All the breakthroughs were solutions waiting for a problem.

Now, everybody seems to be creating the next killer app, the next idea which is going to revolutionize the web. So, I just thought of doing something different. I endeavor to be extremely lucky. And I am tackling a tough technical challenge of the internet(that’s all I can say about the project in stealth mode).So, wish me luck!!

[1] ‘Evolvi’ is derived from evolution. ‘Matix’ is derived from Matrix, a mathematical structure(much glamorized by the movie ‘Matrix’).
[2] Sometimes people mix up Vision with Strategy. My Vision is to generate wealth(I will write about my vision another time). ‘How’ I do that is strategy.


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